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January 17 2015

December 17 2014

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▶ how to make a tool for recessing control knobs like PRS guitars tutorial - YouTube

November 15 2014

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cnc milling a headless tuning machine and bridge prototype at fablab karlsruhe

November 09 2014

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October 29 2014

October 23 2014

Grundlagen des E-Gitarrenbaus [Fablab Karlsruhe]


Einführung in die Konstruktion von Elektrischen Gitarren und Bässen.


  • Intro
    • Werkzeuge
    • Rohstoff Holz und Anforderungen
    • Hardware (Stimmmechanik, Brücke, …)
    • Balance des Instruments
  • Hals
    • Laminate
    • der Truss Rod
    • Verstärkungen aus Karbon
    • der Kopf
    • Griffbrett
  • Korpus
    • Verschraubte Konstruktion
    • Konstruktion mit durchgehendem Hals
    • Hohler vs. Solider vs. Korpus mit Kammern
    • Finish (Lacke, Öle, Wachs, …)
  • Elektronik
    • Aktiv vs. Passiv
    • Abschirmung
    • Pickups

Benötigte Materialien



keine - Spenden gerne ans FabLab



  • Sa. 1.11.2014 17:00
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October 05 2014

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How to cut fret slots by hand - Guitar builders basics 33

September 21 2014

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Torzal Twist Bass

September 16 2014

Hi. My name is Barnaby, and I am an amateur guitar builder in Tokyo. Some of you may know me from another forum. Because I am working in a small apartment, I can only use hand tools, such as eggbeater drills, router planes and all the rest. My landlady doesn’t like me making noise and lives right next door.

Therefore, I did a ‘stealth build’. This is a Jazz bass-style, constructed entirely with hand tools, that I was able to throw together at the times when the landlady was out, and, as I used a spraypaint and oil finish, could nip down to the park to apply extra coats. It took a while, but I was able to knock something out.

Anyway, I also put together a video diary of the build, and I hope you don’t mind me posting it here on the TDPRI. It might be of some interest to people working in limited spaces or with limited tools. All nine vids are below, although a demo may follow in a while too, once I actually learn how to play the darn thing:


TDPRI: Hand Tool Bass

September 14 2014

Couchsofa Bass Model J-2

build progress update 14.9.2014
I guess, I guess I'm finally done!
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